This is a guide to help get you, the reader, shooting reds and blues with RPS as fast as possible on a Call to Arms day.

First thing is to get Planetside installed and up to date. Go to and hit the play button to start the process of getting you in game. Planetside 2 is a very large download (about 7gb) so you want to get this done before trying to play.
(Optional) Get free stuff (and avoid a ProSieben account): Before you log into the game for the first time, click this link. Going through this recruitment system will give you (no strings attached) a free XP boost and the SVA-88 weapon (highly recommended). Importantly, this process will also allow EU players to play Planetside 2 with an SOE account rather than being redirected to ProSieben, SOE’s EU partners who do not have a great track record for customer service.*

Beyond this stage, you can either watch a video for instructions, or read on for text + pictures:


The other thing you will need to play with us is Mumble, for voice communications. You can find detailed instructions on our forums here, however the important thing to do is to join the RPS community server, which has these details:

RPS mumble details

and then get in to the Planetside 2 -> Vanu Sovereignty -> EU -> Welcome to A Call to Arms – JOIN HERE channel, where there should be a nice friendly voice to greet you.

With this sorted out, it is time to get into the game itself, and make a character. The character wants to be Vanu Sovereignty, and playing on Miller [EU]. You may need to press “Show all servers” to find this.

Now that you’re in game and on your character, ask in Mumble for an invitation to the Outfit. If you don’t have a microphone, you can use the text chat in mumble, or use a /t in game to whoever seems to be in charge of invites. Accept the invite when it arrives. Ask any initial questions you may have, and you should soon be asked to join one of our squads.

Press the P key in game. If you are in a squad currently, press the little red arrow next to your name to leave it. At the top right of the screen, check the “Outfit” box. Join one of the “RPS Call to Arms” squads that are available (if you’ve been asked to join a specific one, then please do that). Pay careful attention to the call sign (Alpha, Charlie, Foxtrot etc) of the squad in the description. After joining the squad, go to Mumble, and move to the appropriate squad, in the “Squad channels” area (a bit below Platoon 1 on the list).


Most important thing to do is identify your squad leader and catch up with them. Ask for help with this – although if you press “M” there is an option to squad deploy, which should bring you to your leader.

You can and will learn a lot about the game as it goes on, but here are a few little tips: the big green bolt of light from the sky in the world, and green marker on the map/minimap is the squad waypoint. This indicates where your squad leader would like you to go, so it is often worth following. It looks a bit like this:


The big bus vehicle is both a mobile spawn point, and a way of moving a squad around the world. It’s called a Sunderer, and you will often find yourself boarding one to get to the next way point. They look something like this:


The other vehicle you’ll be experiencing for transport is the Galaxy, or “Sky Whale”. It can fly 12 people around the map – and even better, when you jump out, there is no fall damage. Listen out in mumble for the key phrase “Drop drop drop” as your cue to hit E and get to the ground. It looks something like this:


That should do as a basic introduction. Hope you all have fun in the game.

*There are no strings attached to your free items beyond going through that website. You get them when you log in to the game for the first time and you can easily opt-out of SOE’s email newsletters. The link takes you to a randomly selected recruitment link for an existing outfit member. If you do end up paying money on the game, both you and whoever was chosen for the link you used will get some additionaly rewards. You are not expected, and will never be pushed by an outfit member to spend money on the game.