Anyone who wants to be a platoon leader should follow this setup and it is a requirement for the Balloon Leader rank.

The setup allows the Platoon Leader to send mes

1. Shortcut to speak to all squads

Add another shout. This time to current. Check the “shout to subchannels” box. Do not check anything else. Set up a key for this. This is used by platoon leaders (or Supreme Giraffes) to speak to all of their squads.

2. Shortcuts to speak to individual squads

Add another shout. This time you need to expand the tree past “current” (click the little arrow). Select “Subchannel 1”. Check the “shout to linked channels” box. This is used to contact Alpha squad in your current platoon (from anywhere). Set up a key for this (numpad 1 is recommended).
(Note: Make sure not to select Subchannels under parent).
Platoon Lead Shortcut 1
Repeat for subchannels 2 through 4. This will give you direct lines to Bravo, Charlie and Delta squads. Again, numpad keys are recommended.

Congratulations. You should now be able to talk to pretty much anyone you might need to at any time, without annoying others. Your mumble shortcuts page should look very much like this:

I’m Platoon Leading, but want to be part of a squad!

Handily, we can support that now too!
First off, you want to have everybody in their usal places. So PL up in the “Platoon X” channel, Alpha squad in alpha channel, delta squad in delta channel etc.
Then in mumble, right click on the channel of the squad you are a part of (In this example, Bravo squad). Click “link”.
You’ll now hear everything that Bravo does, and they should hear everything you say too. (Whether they hear your orders to other squads depends on if you set up the additional “current and linked” on every individual squad bind). This is better than just sitting in the squad channel, as it means normal sitreps will reach you, and you can use the “shout to all squads” key.
Mumble link
Please try and remember to “Unlink” when you stop PLing.


Target Extra Settings Function
Subchannel #1 Shout To linked Always talks to Alpha
Subchannel #2 Shout To linked Always talks to Bravo
Subchannel #3 Shout To linked Always talks to Charlie
Subchannel #4 Shout To linked Always talks to delta
Current Shout To subs (As PL only) Talks to all squads
Current Shout To Linked Reports to PL,
Parent None Reports to PL (same key as above)