[RPS] Rock Planet Shotgun

Community Clash and PS2 Pickup Server Smash


The final round of the first bracket of the Community Clash is tomorrow. Our team from Rock, Planet, Shotgun [RPS] will be playing against Jesters [JEST] to compete for a position in the semi-final against INI Elite [INI].

CCEU: Watch us live:
Tune in at the link below at 21:00 CET / 20:00 GMT.

PS2.Pickup Server Smash

Every Saturday there are ‘pcikup’ games on the PS2 test server organised by the PS2.Pickup lot. As part of this they are running a season of ‘server clashes’ where all-star teams from each server compete against one another. Between [RPS] and [RTRS] we have a squad competing for the glory of the Miller server. We will be competing on the following dates:

  • Miller [vs] Ceres- 29th March
  • Waterson [vs] Miller – 12th April
  • Miller [vs] Mattherson -10th May
  • Miller [vs] Cobalt – 31st May

For more details, check out this thread on the forums.

Planetside 2 Birthday Events on Miller

The Rock Planet Shotgun outfit has existed in some form for over a year now; our birthday is sometime in August. To celebrate this a bunch of us met-up in Manchester. You can catch up on that on the forums, where there’s also arrangements to meet at the next Rezzed event in March.

This week, as you may know, it is one year since the release of Planetside 2. It is also the birthday of many of our allied outfits in The Vanu Accord. In celebration of this, various events are being arranged on Saturday.

Below is a summary of events around Planetside 2′s brithday on the Miller server (all times GMT):

Outfit Birthday Celebrations

So, the Outfit is one year old erm, sometime this year. We’re not quite sure which day to call it – the day the in game outfit was created, the day the beta outfit was made, the day people started talking about an outfit, whatevs.

So we’re planning of having a party to celebrate this (and RTRS) somewhere in the UK. And we’re gathering people info on dates that could work for people, as well as an idea of how many are interested on this “doodle” here.

[RPS] at Rezzed

A bunch of us met up at Rezzed (the PC and indie game show) this weekend. Despite being confronted with dozens of games we hadn’t ever played we nevertheless ended up playing yet more Planetside 2 for an hour during a mini-Call-to-Arms that took place on Sunday. Thank you to everyone who joined us on Mumble for the event.

Below is a photo of the Vanu who made it to Rezzed:

RPS at Rezzed

Members of RPS meet at the Planetside 2 stall during Rezzed

Shout out too for Bastiat from RTRS who was at Rezzed but is not pictured.

We were filmed during the mini-Call-to-Arms and Dewisant and myself were interviewed. The video below is the result:

Thanks again to everyone who turned up, to everyone who joined us in game to support us and, of course, to the PS2 guys for inviting us to put the event on. It was great fun.

Introducing “Girofficers”

A major change has happened to ranks in the outfit.

Anyone at the rank of “Giraffe Beacon” will have had that rank removed. This is not a demotion, but because we have changed what this rank means and how it is given.

Please read the post below and apply for the position again. The verification process takes a very short amount of time and people who previously held the rank are being re-promoted fast.

The Giraffe Mentorship Programme

We have many experienced leaders in Rock Planet Shotgun, and many budding talents. Transferring knowledge from one to the other has been slow, however. Mentors, experienced leaders playing alongside newer ones, giving some tips and answering any questions the newer leaders may have, has been proposed as a solution. We have tried it a number of times, and it has proven very effective, and fun too, but arranging for it to happen has been difficult. The mentoring programme is an initiative to make the process of arranging for mentorship easier.